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9.6 Introduction to Computer Crimes

Revised to December 1, 2007

Section 53a-251 defines six different computer crimes.  Sections 53a-252 through 53a-256 specify the degrees of the crimes, which generally depend on the value of the property or services obtained without authorization or the damages to the services or property.  Third degree, defined in 53a-254, also applies when a defendant commits any of the computer crimes and recklessly creates a risk of serious physical injury to another person.

The computer crimes in this section include:

  • 53a-251 (b) -- Unauthorized access to a computer system. 

  • 53a-251 (c) -- Theft of computer services.

  • 53a-251 (d) -- Interruption of computer services.

  • 53a-251 (e) -- Misuse of computer system information.

  • 53a-251 (f) -- Destruction of computer equipment.

Because of the complexity of the technology used in committing these crimes, the instructions will have to be narrowly tailored to the facts of each case.

See also 10.5 Internet Crimes.


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