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1.1-4 Note-Taking

Revised to January 1, 2008

You may, if you wish, take notes during the course of the trial.  <Have the clerk or marshal  distribute note pads and pencils.>

Some jurors find that taking notes is helpful in keeping track of the proceedings and some do not.  You should remember that your main job as jurors is to listen to and observe the witnesses.  If taking notes would distract you from that job, then don't take notes.  There is no need to try to take down the testimony word for word.  If, during your deliberations at the end of the case, you need to hear what a witness said, we have an official tape-recording or court stenographer's record that will give you an accurate record of all the testimony.

You should not allow note-taking to interfere with your attention to the testimony or your task of sizing up the witnesses as they testify, but you may take notes if doing so would aid your memory.

You should not make any notes outside of court and bring them here.  Your notebooks will be collected at the end of each break and kept secure by the clerk.  No one will look at them.

I take notes because I may be asked to rule on issues during the course of the evidence.  Your decision whether to take notes at any point should not be influenced by my note-taking.

You should not disclose your notes to anybody during the trial.  It will be up to you whether to disclose them to your fellow jurors during deliberations at the end of the trial.


Practice Book 16-7; Esaw v. Friedman, 217 Conn. 553, 558-64 (1991).


It is within the discretion of the trial court judge to allow note-taking by the jurors.  Practice Book 16-7 is not explicit as to whether notes may be taken during the charge as well as during the evidence.  It is advisable to get counsel to stipulate on the record on the procedure to be followed.


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