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E-Services for Self-represented Parties
Connecticut Judicial Branch e-services (link to home)
Enrollment Application Process

Self-represented Parties must enroll in E-Services to file appellate matters, civil cases and documents in civil cases online (electronically) in the Superior Court or to file cases and documents online in Small Claims Court. Please read about the enrollment process before you click Enroll. You can find more information about how to enroll by going to the Civil and Family E-filing Manual - Guide for Self-Represented Parties or the Appellate E-filing Instruction Manual.

Enrollment Application Process
To enroll in E-Services:
  1. Go to the E-Services Welcome Page
  2. Click Enroll 
    Note:  You can also click Enroll at the bottom of this page.
  3. Fill out the information in the enrollment application
  4. Choose a User ID and password. This User ID will appear on all of the documents you file with the court.
  5. Choose a secret question and answer and enter your year of birth. We can use this information to identify you if you forget your User ID or password.
  6. Print the page for your records
  7. Submit your Request for New Account

You will see a message that tells you your enrollment application has been received. It will also tell you to check your e-mail for an e-mail from E-Services.

To activate your account, you must: 

  1. Check your e-mail for an e-mail from E-Services
  2.  Click on the link in the e-mail
  3.  Enter your User ID and password on the page that appears
  4.  Look over the information that you gave in your application to be sure it is correct
  5.  Read through the Electronic Services (E-Services) User Agreement
  6.  Check the box next to I agree.
  7.  Click Activate Account

    Your account is now active. You will be taken to the E-Services home page. If you want to file a case in the small claims court, you must select the Small Claims Menu option. You can find Information on e-filing in small claims cases by selecting this link: E-File Small Claims Cases.
    If you want to file a new case in the Superior Court, you must select Civil/Family Menu. You can find information on e-filing a new case by selecting this link: E-File Cases or Documents

    If you want to file an appellate matter, select Appellate E-Filing. You may file your appellate matter as soon as you have a User ID.

If you want to look at or file documents, or mark your short calendar matters on-line in your Superior Court case, you must request electronic access to your file first. Select Civil/Family Menu to request electronic access.   You can find more information about requesting electronic access by going to the Civil and Family E-filing Manual - Guide for Self-Represented Parties.

Self-represented Parties



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