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  Portrait Gallery of former Connecticut Chief Justices

Stephen Mix Mitchell Stephen Mix Mitchell  <<  |  >>
 Chief Judge, Supreme Court of Errors, 1807-1814

  • Born: December 9, 1743, Wethersfield.

  • Education: Received preparatory study under a Scotchman named Beveredge; graduated Yale College, 1763; became a tutor at Yale College (1766-69) and studied law under the direction of the Hon. Jared Ingersoll; was admitted to Fairfield County Bar in 1770. In 1807 Yale College conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws.

  • Occupations and Appointments: Delegate to the Connecticut Constitutional Convention, 1818; Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court 1795-1807 and Chief Justice 1807-14; presidential elector on the Federalist ticket in 1800; elected to the U.S. Senate to fill vacancy caused by the death of Roger Sherman and served from December 2, 1793 to March 3, 1795; member of the State convention that ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1788; member of the Continental Congress 1785-88; ; Associate Justice of the County Court of Hartford County 1779-90 and Presiding Judge 1790-93; member, State Council 1784-85, 1787-93; member Connecticut General Assembly 1778-84; admitted to the Fairfield County Bar in 1770, began his practice in Newtown then returned to Wethersfield in 1772 and set up a practice there;  tutor, Yale College, 1766-69.

  • Died: September 30, 1835, Wethersfield. Buried at the Old Wethersfield Cemetery.

  • Family ties: Great grandson of the Reverend Stephen Mix, noted pastor of Wethersfield for 44 years, who began his ministry there in 1693; Son of James Mitchell (1705-76), an emigrant from Paisley, Scotland and Rebecca Mix, a first cousin of Jonathan Edwards. Father of the Reverend Alfred Mitchell (1790-1831), pastor of the Second Congregational Church of Norwich. Grandfather of Donald G. Mitchell, a writer and author of Reveries of a Bachelor and Dream Life and Captain Alfred Mitchell, who served in the 13th Connecticut Regiment and on the staff of Gen. Henry Birge in Louisiana during the Civil War.

  • Items of Note


Items of Note:
  • Upon replacing the deceased Roger Sherman in the Senate he became a tireless advocate for the securing of the Western Reserve for Connecticut in 1786.
  • In describing his grandfather, Donald G. Mitchell wrote: I have quite a vivid recollection of the personality of the old gentleman—a figure bent with the weight of over ninety years, abounding white hair, a face clean-shaven, an aquiline nose, and an eye that seemed to see everything…I remember distinctly his long woolen hose and his knee-buckles, and his oaken staff—on which he leaned heavily such times as he trudged away to his barns for a look at his cattle, or the fondling of some pet beast. His long coat—such as you see in pictures of Franklin—had huge lapels and pockets; these latter often bulging out with ears of corn, on the visitations I speak of, for the pampering of some favorite horse or pig.

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