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Where to file a Small Claims Matter:
Includes all actions, except libel and slander, where the money damages claimed are not more than $5000 (except that a renter can sue a landlord for more than $5000 if the case is for the return of a security deposit).

Small claims matters may be filed at the Centralized Small Claims Office at 80 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106 or at the small claims area where:
   1) The plaintiff resides; or,
   2) The defendant resides or conducts business; or,
   3) The transaction or injury occurred.
   4) If the plaintiff is either a domestic corporation, United States corporation, a foreign corporation or a limited liability company, the small claims case shall be brought to a Superior Court facility designated by the Chief Court Administrator to serve the small claims area within the boundaries of the judicial district where the defendant resides or is doing business or where the transaction or injury occurred or to the Centralized Small Claims Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Small Claims Court Works (JDP-CV-45)
Limited Scope Representation
Where to File Small Claims and Smaill Claims Housing Matters- Small Claims Court Facility by Town (pre-10/16/17)

Where to File Small Claims and Small Claims Housing Matters (effective 10/16/17)

Landlord-tenant related small claims are to be filed at the Centralized Small Claims Office or at the court location where the premises are located.

If you decide not to file your small claims matter at the Centralized Small Claims Office, search for your town to find the correct Court Location.

Search for Directions to a court location:


The statutes that govern where to file these cases are Sections 51-345 and 51-346 of the Connecticut General Statutes. To view these statutes, you may use the search function at http://search.cga.state.ct.us/r/statute/dtsearch_form.asp.External Link


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