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Criminal Jury Instructions

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1.2-14 Accepting translation as the evidence

New, May 10, 2012

Some of you may speak or understand the language used by the witness(es).  If so, disregard completely what the witness says in the other language. Consider as evidence only what is provided by the court interpreter in English. This ensures that all jurors consider the same evidence. 

If, however, during the testimony there is a question as to the accuracy of the English interpretation, you should bring this matter to my attention immediately by raising your hand. You should not ask your question or make any comment about the interpretation in the presence of the other jurors, or otherwise share your question or concern with any of them. I will take steps to see if your question can be answered and any discrepancy resolved. If, however, after such efforts a discrepancy remains, I emphasize that you must rely only upon the official English interpretation as provided by the court interpreter and disregard any other contrary interpretation.



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