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2.9-3 Process for Jury's Deliberations

Revised to January 1, 2008

At this time, ladies and gentlemen, I will explain the verdict form[s] to you and then you will be escorted to the jury deliberation room.  You should not begin your deliberations until the exhibits and the verdict form[s] are delivered to you by the clerk.  This will occur after the lawyers have had an opportunity to check that all the exhibits are present and to tell me if they think that any different or additional instructions to you are necessary.  I will recall you to the courtroom if I conclude that further instructions are needed.

When the exhibits are delivered to you, your first task will be to elect a foreperson who will serve as your clerk.  After you have received the exhibits and then elected the foreperson, you will begin deliberating.  If you have questions during your deliberations, the foreperson should write the jury's question on a sheet of paper, sign and date it, and knock on the door.  The marshal will then bring the question to me, and I will respond in open court.  It may take a few minutes to assemble the staff before you are brought to the courtroom to hear the response.  Please try to make any questions very precise.  We cannot engage in an informal dialogue, and I will respond only to the question on the paper.

If you need to have any testimony or any part of my instructions (played / read back), follow the same procedure: on a sheet of paper specify what it is that you want to hear as precisely as you can.  For example, if you know that you want to hear only the direct examination or only the cross examination of a particular witness, specify that.  Otherwise, we will have to repeat the whole testimony.

We will now go over the verdict form[s].  <Pass out verdict forms to each juror and explain the circumstances for the use of each form.>

Your verdict must be unanimous.  There is no such thing as a majority vote of a jury in Connecticut.  Rather, you must all agree on the verdict.

No one will hurry you.  If you are not able to reach a verdict today, you will resume your deliberations tomorrow.  You may have as much time as you need to reach a verdict.

Marshal, please escort the jury to the jury deliberation room.


This instruction may be adapted to be given prior to or after discharge of alternates.


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