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1.1-8 Communications with the Court

Revised to January 1, 2008

During the course of the trial you cannot have any communication with the judge (me) except in open court on the record.  If some issue, such as a sudden illness, occurs while the trial is in progress, you should write a note and give it to the court staff, who will give it to me to respond to on the record if need be.

If some emergency occurs at some time when court is not in session, you should call the jury administrator, whose phone number is in your jury notice <or give them the number>, and explain that you are a member of a jury in <Judge's name>'s courtroom and indicate what the problem is.

Obviously, since you have been chosen as a juror, it is your duty to be here every day that the case is on trial, and you can imagine the inconvenience to everyone else if a juror fails to be here punctually.  In the unlikely event that there is some emergency or problem, I have just described the procedure to follow.


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