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Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Admission by Examination July 2015
Instructions, Forms and Requirements

Be sure you read and understand the rules of the Superior Court and the regulations of the Bar Examining Committee governing Admission to the Connecticut bar.

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     July 2015 Instructions & Forms  |  February 2015 Instructions & Forms


1. Summer 2015  Bar Examination Schedule & Deadlines

Date  Deadline
27 February 2015 Friday First day to file for July 2015 exam
30 April 2015 Thursday Non-Standard Testing Petition Deadline
30 April 2015 Thursday Application Filing Deadline
22 July 2015 Wednesday

Deadline for receipt of law degrees and for filing of proof of law degree in administrative office

28 July 2015 Tuesday Multistate Performance Test and Connecticut / Multistate Essay Examination (Article V-4, CBEC Regulations)
29 July 2015 Wednesday Multistate Bar Examination
31 August 2015 Monday Deadline for receipt of transferred MBE scores
21 September 2015 Monday Deadline to complete your application
2 October 2015 Friday Release of results

2. Eligibility requirement – approved law degree. To be eligible to sit for the July 2015 examination you must have received your law degree by July 22, 2015 (CBEC Regulations Article II) from an approved law school. You will not be permitted to sit for the Juy 2015 bar examination unless your certification and final transcript are received by the Committee by July 22, 2015.

Your law school dean must complete the Certificate of Dean of Law School (Form 4) only after you have received your degree and must attach a final, official transcript of your grades (transcript must show date degree was conferred) and a copy of your application for admission to law school. Your law school may require you to execute a special document to permit them to forward your transcript and application.

3. Filing deadline. The filing deadline for the July 2015 bar examination is April 30, 2015. Article III-1 of the CBEC Regulation defines "filed" as the date the application is RECEIVED (not the date it is postmarked) with the correct fee ($750.00) in the proper form (CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY). Applications cannot be filed on-line or via fax or via e-mail. If you would like a receipt indicating that you have met the filing deadline, include the postcard receipt found below with the proper postage affixed. If proper postage is not affixed, the postcard will not be returned to you.

To be considered filed you must complete and file all of the following by April 30, 2015: Download forms from list below

Check Form Number and Title
 [     ] Form 1E - Application
 [     ] Form 5 - Status Sheet
 [     ] Form 6 - Application forms filing checklist
 [     ] Form 12 - Address labels
 [     ] Form 14 - Summary sheet
 [     ] $750.00 certified check or money order (the Bar Examining Committee does not accept credit cards, personal, corporate or law firm checks)

If applicable to you, you may also have to file the following by April 30, 2015:

Check Form Number and Title
[     ] Form 2 - Additional Response Page
[     ] Form 7 - Authorization to Release Medical Records
[     ] Form 8 - Description of Condition
[     ] Form 15 - Non-Standard Testing Notification
[     ] Form 27a - Military Service

Retain a copy of everything you file with the Committee.

You should mail your application well in advance of the filing deadline to allow adequate transit time and you should plan to file as early as possible to allow time to correct problems.

4. Where to file. Submit your application, fee and supporting documents to:

Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
July 2015 Application Department
100 Washington Street
Hartford, Connecticut  06106-4411

Office hours: Monday - Friday  8:30am - 4:30pm*
*except state holidays

5. Typed answers. Other than the "checkboxes" which may be completed by hand, and the handwriting exemplar which MUST be completed by hand, your answers on the bar application must be typed or completed by other electronic means.

6. How to answer the questions. Answer all questions fully and frankly. If a question does not apply, so indicate. Do not leave any questions blank unless specifically authorized by the question. You are encouraged to attach a narrative response to any appropriate question (e.g. to explain a student loan default disclosed in Question #38). Use Form 2 if you need additional space to answer any question.

7. Time limits on bar application questions. Note that time limitations apply to certain questions on the application. An occurrence, otherwise disclosable, but beyond the time limitation, need not be disclosed.

8. Complete answers. If a question requires you to list information, be certain to provide all the information requested. Do not merely refer to attached documents. You must respond to the question as asked.

9. Complete addresses. Provide complete addresses (including zip codes) where required.

10. Signature/acknowledgment. Be sure your application is signed and notarized. Note that your application is a sworn statement and is treated as such. Please put your name on your remittance.

11. Acknowledgment of receipt by CBEC. You will normally receive notification of the receipt of your application within 15 days of receipt by the administrative office. This is not a statement of eligibility to sit for the examination. You will receive notice of eligibility and test site assignment about two (2) weeks before the examination, but only after timely receipt in the administrative office of proof that you have received your law degree. Keep the notice of test site assignment for future reference.

12. Correspondence with the CBEC/address change. Indicate on all correspondence that you are a July 2015 examination applicant. Please notify the Committee in writing of any change in your address otherwise important notices may not get to you in a timely fashion.

13. MBE transfer. The Bar Examining Committee will accept transferred MBE scores under certain limited circumstances. See instructions accompanying the transfer forms. All transferred MBE scores and certification(s) of success on each examination for which the score was originally achieved must be received in the administrative office by 4PM on August 31, 2015.

(a) Score Transfers TO Connecticut from Another Jurisdiction:

The Bar Examining Committee will accept transferred MBE scores under certain limited circumstances. See instructions accompanying the transfer forms. All transferred MBE scores and certification(s) of success on each examination for which the score was originally achieved must be received in the administrative office by 4PM on August 31, 2015.

(b) Score Transfers FROM Connecticut to Another Jurisdiction:

The Bar Examining Committee may transfer MBE scores obtained in Connecticut. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the transfer request form (Form 47) and the proper fee are received in the Committee’s office in time to meet the transfer deadline set by the jurisdiction to which the score will be transferred.

14. Non-standard testing/TDD. If you have a disability which will require special assistance or accommodations on the bar examination, you must advise the Committee at the time you file your application and file a complete Petition For Test Accommodations no later than April 30, 2015 (forms available on the Committee's website). Hearing and speech-impaired applicants with a TDD can contact the Bar Examining Committee through the Converse Communication Corporation (CCC) which provides relay message services between TDD and non-TDD users: 711 or 1-800-842-9710.

15. MPRE/professional responsibility course. The Professional Responsibility requirement must be satisfied within four years prior to the date you file your application or within one year after the date you file your application, in either of two ways (see CBEC Regulations Article IV for details):

(a) by passing the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) with a scaled score of at least 80;
(you can register for the MPRE on-line External Link - You are leaving the Connecticut Judicial Branch website ), or

(b) by obtaining a grade of "C" or better in a course on Professional Responsibility at an approved law school (CLE courses are NOT acceptable)..

16. Special note to applicants who have taken the New York bar examination. It is not necessary to file a copy of the Applicant's Affidavit which you filed (or will file) to sit for the New York Bar Examination. It is necessary to submit a copy of your application for admission to the New York Bar which is filed with the Appellate Division after you have passed the New York bar examination.

17. Sample answers/sample questions. The Bar Examining Committee prepares a booklet of sample answers to a past bar examination. The booklet contains all questions from a recent written examination and seven sample answers to each question. A limited number of booklets for February 2010 and later are available for $35.00 per booklet. A limited number of booklets for July 2009 and earlier are available for $25.00 per booklet. Also available is a five-year collection of past questions (without answers) for $15.00. The most recent performance test and essay questions are available on the Committee's website. More information...

18. Character and fitness review. Passing the bar examination is only one step in the admission process and does not automatically entitle the candidate to practice law in Connecticut. The Committee begins the review of a candidate's character and fitness immediately upon the filing of the application for admission to the bar. However, the Committee will usually conduct a hearing only after the candidate has taken and passed the bar examination and the candidate's file is complete. While the Committee attempts to have all eligible candidates admitted at the group ceremony, a candidate whose application presents complex or unresolved issues of character and/or fitness will not be admitted until such issues have been resolved to the Committee's satisfaction. On occasion, disclosures in a candidate’s file will necessitate review of medical documentation. Protocol followed by the Committee in such cases - PDF | More information...

19. Credit Inquiry. As a part of the routine background investigation into each applicant’s character and fitness to practice law in Connecticut, our office will pull a credit profile from Experian. If there are negative items found on the credit report, the applicant will receive a letter along with the pertinent portions of the report with the relevant items highlighted. Applicants who receive such a letter are expected to address each negative item.

20. Conduct that creates a presumption of lack of good moral character. The Committee calls to your attention Article VI-11 concerning conduct which creates a presumption of lack of good moral character. It is the policy of the Committee to view any conduct which comes under that section as a serious character and fitness matter. For example, a candidate who is in arrears or default in any child support obligations will have his/her application placed in abeyance until the arrearage or default has been corrected.

21. Selective Service Registration. You can obtain information on the registration requirements and obtain your registration number at http://www.sss.gov.External Link - You are leaving the Connecticut Judicial Branch website In brief, men born from March 29, 1957 to December 31, 1959 were never required to register because the registration program was not in operation at the time they turned 18. The requirement to register was reinstated in 1980 and applies to all men born on or after January 1, 1960.

22. Employer References. The Committee suggests that you send all Form 11’s by certified mail, return receipt requested. (The return receipt should go back to you in the first instance, not the Bar Examining Committee.) In that case, if a previous employer fails to submit the Form 11, you can establish that you sent the form by submitting the original signed return receipt postcard (“green card”) or, in the alternative, the original mailing receipt attached to the www.USPS.com printout showing the item was delivered.

23. Driving Histories/No Record Letters (Question 49). Please refer to the following link for a list of U.S. Driving Record Repositories. You must contact the repositories directly to determine whether information has changed. If you are unable to obtain a driving history from a jurisdiction, you should request either a "no record" letter or a "no hit" letter. You may need to obtain this from the jurisdiction's main DMV office. Some local offices cannot generate this sort of report. For foreign driving histories, you can contact the country's consular office in the US and they can usually find the information (forms, cost and address) for you. Please refer to the following link for additional guidance on obtaining Foreign Driving Histories. You must contact the repositories directly to determine whether information has changed. Original driving records and no record or no hit letters must be received in the CBEC Administrative Office no later than sixty (60) days after issuance for jurisdictions in which an applicant is currently licensed and/or currently resides (whether permanent or temporary).

24. Certificates of Good Standing. You must contact the jurisdiction(s) in which you are currently or were licensed to practice law and request a certificate of good standing. If you are unable to secure a certificate of good standing, then you must request a letter from the jurisdiction(s) setting forth your current status. Original certificates of good standing and letters of current status must be received in the CBEC Administrative Office no later than thirty (30) days after issuance.

25. Identity History Summary Check. All applicants must request an FBI Identity History Summary Check. The applicant should submit the form, fee, and fingerprint impressions to the FBI and request that the results be sent directly to the Committee. Submissions received from applicants will NOT be accepted. In order to ensure that the results are sent directly to the Committee, the “Mail Results to Address” section of the form should be completed so that the results are sent c/o CBEC, ATTN July 2015 Application Department, 100 Washington Street, First Floor, Hartford, CT 06106. The form and information regarding the fee and obtaining fingerprint impressions can be found at the FBI’s website.External Link

Given the delays in processing requests by the FBI for background checks, the CBEC Chair has authorized the following option for satisfaction of this requirement for the completion of your file. You may request an Identity History Summary Check from an FBI-approved Channeler and thereafter submit the full report along with an affidavit from you attesting that it is the original document that you received from the channeler and that it has not been altered by you or anyone else. A list of FBI-approved channelers can be found at http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/identity-history-summary-checks/list-of-fbi-approved-channelersExternal Link

26. NCBE Number. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) requires the creation of an NCBE account by those wishing to use its services.This number is also used as the unique identifier for the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE).You will not be permitted to sit for the July 2015 bar examination unless your NCBE Number is received by the Committee by July 22, 2015.If you do not have an NCBE Number, you must create one.  More information, including how to obtain or retrieve an NCBE Number can be found here: http://ncbex.org/.External Link

27. July 2015 Application Forms and Instructions. See How to use Acrobat® fillable forms.

Form Number


Fillable PDF
1E Application (deadline 04/30/2015) 1E.pdf
2 Additional Response Page (use this form if there is insufficient space on the application to answer fully any question; photocopy as necessary.) 2.pdf
3 Amendment - (use this form to amend an answer on your application after it has been filed); photocopy as necessary.) 3.pdf
4 Certificate of Dean of Law School 4.pdf
5 Status Sheet 5.pdf
6 Application Forms Filing Checklist 6.pdf
7 Authorization to Release Medical Records 7.pdf
8 Description of Condition 8.pdf
10 Personal reference form 10.pdf
11 Employer reference form 11.pdf
12 Address labels 12.pdf
13 Address change labels 13.pdf
13a Residences - continuation page 13a.pdf
14 Summary sheets 14.pdf
15 Non-standard Testing Notification 15.pdf
17a Education - continuation page 17a.pdf
18a Employment - continuation page 18a.pdf
27a Military service 27a.pdf
  MBE Transfer Instructions Instruc.
Form 46 Multistate Bar Examination Certification Request Form 46.pdf
Form 47 MBE Transfer Form (To transfer a score FROM Connecticut) 47.pdf
Form 48a Driving Records – continuation page 48a.pdf
NCBE   NCBE MBE Transfer FormExternal Link
Postcard Receipt OPTIONAL - If proper postage is not affixed, this card will not be returned to you Postcard.pdf

The results of the July 2015 bar examination will be available on the internet at approximately 12 noon on Friday, October 2, 2015 at http://www.jud.ct.gov/CBEC/results.htm.



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